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Shipping and Handling charges:
The shipping fee will be charged when you order. When shipping your console for assembly, please use our account number with UPS and mark it as "Pay on delivery." When shipping for repair and other cases, please cover the shipping fee. 

How to order:
Click "Add to Cart" on an item you want to order, and follow the instructions on the site. 
Payment: Paypal:

Estimated time of delivery:
It takes about a couple of weeks to deliver kits after you order. Depending on the ordering process or items in stock, there may be a delay. 

Exchange/Returns/Cancellation: All sales are final. Build to order products cannot be canceled after the original order is made. 
If the capture kit fails within the first 30 days, we will fix it for free, except as noted below.
Please declare the value of your items as being $10 USD, and ship them in a package where the total of length, width, and height is less than 50cm (19.6 inches), and the weight is less than 1kg (2.2lb). This keeps the delivery fee low and insures your package can be dealt with promptly.
Please do not insure your package. If you must insure your package, you must pay the shipping and insurance fees yourself.

If the shipping fee is marked as pay on delivery and exceeds 3,000 yen (about $30 USD), we will charge you the difference between 3,000 yen and the actual shipping fee.
Special terms of return policy: All sales are final.
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