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Video Capture Kit for PSvita 1000 WiFi model (PS Vita 1000 not included) [PSvitakit]

The picture is an example of PS Vita kit. This is an example of the PS Vita kit. Please note that if you use a mobile email address as a contact address when you purchase this item, any message that we might send may not be able to reach your mobile address.  We do not offer a self-assembly.  All the capture kits for the PS Vita will be assembled in our factory. 

This is a PS Vita video capture. This item includes the following items. 
- Cameron USB FX SPA3
- JUNFLON Wiring
- Lead-free Solder Alloy
- Installation Manual

This item does not include a PS Vita. We will install the capture card on your PS Vita Wi-Fi model. 

The capture kit is capable of capturing games directly to a PC monitor. To connect a PS Vita and PC, you need a mini USB cable. If you haven't one, the mini USB cable is available for sale on this site.

When you purchase this kit, we will assemble it in our soldering factory for FREE (this would normally cost $122.50 USD). 

If you have us assemble the kit, please write "Plus kit assembling service" when your order. 

Please note that it is difficult to install a capture card and assemble kits for oneself. You also need a high level of skills with soldering circuit board and static free environment in order to install the capture card. If you are not familiar with it, please ask us for the assembly. 

This equipment is assembled referred to the idea of Cameleon team. 

An example of assembly:
A Cameron USB FX SPA3 and a mini USB cable are built into the external case. The PS Vita picture displays via USB. This equipment is assembled using the process in the article on our wiki.

We will send a URL where you can download the viewer and necessary software when we ship your capture kit. 
Please note that we do not warrant against any damage or defects due to incompatibility with your PC. 

If you visit to our shop in Akihabara, we will assemble the kit on the same day when you visit. Please make a reservation before you visit.